Wood burning stove dry system – what is it

wood burning stove dry system

The idea of coming home to a ‘real fire’ has always been a popular one. There are romantic notions of crackling logs and glowing embers, as you curl up on the sofa sheltered from the raging blizzard outside. As warm and comforting as an open fire can be, the reality is less appealing. Open fires […]

A basic guide to multi fuel stoves

Premium 6mm wood pellets burning in fire

Multi fuel stoves are devices that can burn an array of substances other than wood. In addition to logs, a multi fuel stove can burn smokeless fuels, anthracite, and peat or turf briquettes. The design of these stoves is optimized to accept a greater number of kinds of fuel and to burn them as productively […]

Fireplace Ideas for Wood Burner Stoves

Fireplace Ideas for Wood Burner Stoves

Having a wood burner fireplace in your home is all fine and well but if you don’t decorate their surround properly, they can look majorly out of place. Especially if you’ve got a home that wouldn’t necessarily feature a log burning stove – let’s say you feature only the finest of modern furniture and decor. […]