Fireplace Ideas for Wood Burner Stoves

Having a wood burner fireplace in your home is all fine and well but if you don’t decorate their surround properly, they can look majorly out of place.

Especially if you’ve got a home that wouldn’t necessarily feature a log burning stove – let’s say you feature only the finest of modern furniture and decor.

Thankfully, that’s where things like fire surround come in – fire surrounds are of the decorative style that surrounds the area of the log burner, helping to ensure that the modern log burner will make for a more fitting addition to your home.

But before we get into fireplace ideas for wood burner stoves, we’re going to discuss a little about the types of log burners that are available, even if you have one already or don’t, this will – at the very least – get you thinking about what your home may look like with your current or future log fireplace.

Log Burner Ideas

Ahh log burners, they make for the perfect focal point piece in a living room or family room and also help to bring you warmth all year around, especially in the winter time when cosying up by the fire is much more special.

As I’ve just said, discussing the types of log fireplace will help you to figure out if the one you currently have or looking to get is the right one for you – decoratively and practically speaking.

And if it isn’t, then keep on reading because we’re going to talk about the various log burners that are on today’s market and in many homes across the UK.

Small Log Burner

Small Log Burner

A great addition if you’re on a budget but still crave the natural and cosy warmth small wood burners give off, a small wood stove would be absolutely perfect for your home.

Big isn’t always better, and that might just be the case with woodburners. There’s just something about having a small woodburner accompanied by equally small fireplaces makes for the absolutely most warm and welcoming setting; one you’ll want to spend all day in.

Small wood burners can be great in minimalist style homes to replace a small electric log burner due to there, well small features. They also work in grand homes that feature more flashy furniture since they do a great job of adding to a room, perhaps being overpowered by the rest of the decor but still provide a more natural look which can really help to balance the interior.

So if you’ve already got a surround, then using a small wood burning stove for fireplace that you already have will be the most beneficial for your home style and budget.

Double Sided Wood Burner

Double Sided Wood Burner

Double sided log burners are a more niche addition than anything on this list. Since of feature them you’re going to have to have a specific type of fireplace; a double sided fireplace to be exact.

Although if this is something you already have (or plan on adding) then a double sided log burner will make for a stunning addition to your home since they more than certainly act as a great focal point in a living/lounge or dining area.

Something like a double sided wood burning stove contemporary style inspired will be just what you’re looking for if you’re wanting to add warmth to both the style and feeling of the interior.

Contemporary double sided wood burning stoves, as we’ve mentioned, are a great addition if you’re looking to add more of a focused focal point to your home; in general any style of double sided wood burning fireplace will do this for you.

In fact they are one of our most favourite styles – if you’re lucky enough to be able to feature one (as you’ve guessed or seen, double sided wood burners take up quite a lot of room!).

Modern Wood Burning Stove

Modern Wood Burning Stove

Modern wood burners are a modern take on the classic wood burners designs. Modern woodburners typically feature a silver grey look, sort of a minimalistic style with not much going on.

Because of this reason, modern wood stoves can be a part of any contemporary, modern and more favourably; a minimalist home. Wood burner modern styles are all quite similar as previously mentioned which allows you to have one that can fit in the home no matter how many times you may change your wallpaper, flooring and decor.

Usually made up of a small design, a modern wood stove would also work without a surround, perhaps in the corner of a room rather than as a focal point; since a modern woodburner isn’t typically a grand addition and more so the modern wood burner is there solely for the warmth which they provide.

Although, there are plenty of modern wood burner fireplaces designs that can help you to use this addition as a focal point piece, designs for your lounge are family room area –  adding a modern wood burning fireplace can be the brand new addition you’ve been looking for, for your modern interior.

Cast iron wood burners

Cast iron wood burners

A cast iron wood burner is generally made up on the traditional cast iron log burner style. Just like steel log burners, a cast iron wood burner can feature both as a focal point and a complimenting piece in your home.

Ideally, in your lounge or living area, the cast iron wood burning stove can be just what you’ve been missing.

Because of its traditional look, a cast iron wood stove can work perfectly in a more simple style of home, but they also work great in modern and unique settings due to their ornate design which helps to provide style whilst offering its obvious benefit; warmth.

Alternatively, if you’ve got a modern wood burner or even just a small wood burner, you can get things like cast iron fire surrounds for wood burners that will allow you to still bring in the cast iron style without committing to replacing your wood burner.

Inset Log Burners

Inset Log Burners

Inset stoves are probably one of the most tidiest finishes you could possibly get from a wood burner. Typically used in minimalist homes, an inset woodburner is essentially a woodburner that is a part of the wall, which obviously means that the inset wood stoves manages to take up no room.

Inset wood burning fires can create a great atmosphere, especially modern inset wood burners that feature simplistic colour like greys and blacks to allow it to blend with the other modern furniture.

Ultimately, inset log burning stoves are one of the cleanest ways you can add heat to your home whilst taking up zero space; there are many inset fireplace ideas too – cleanly designed for any sort of room.

To Summarise:

There are many different burning stoves that our wood burning stoves darlington team can fit for many different scenarios. It all depends on where you’re going to place it and what it’s going to be surrounded by; the sort of furniture you have will really affect how this surrounding will appear in your home – part of the decor or completely out of place

Speaking off interior setting; we’re now going to get into what you’ve been waiting for.

You’ve picked out your wood burner (or you already have one) now you’re looking to find out how exactly you’re going to feature it in your home and what sort of style you’re going to feature it within.

Let’s get into it…

Log Burner fireplace ideas

A wood burning stove sets a beautiful tone in any home, especially if you’re looking to create a cosy home this winter. With the ability to be used as a focal point piece or as something that blends in with the rest of the decor, what you decorate the stove with really matters.

So, here are some great ideas we think you could utilize in your very own home (or at the very least give you the information needed to begin thinking about what it is you’re going to do).

General structure (no particular order)

White fireplace surround

White fireplace surround

A simple but yet effective way of decorative your new wood burner is by creating a white fireplace surround. This can most obviously be done by having white fireplace surrounds which features very minimal colours; to not take away from the white focus point.

Additionally, white mantelpiece ornaments will help you to achieve this look along with certain accents colours from black to browns which help to keep things lively but still of a minimalistic style.

Ontop of this, if you wanted to go all the way with your whtie style, perhaps you feature an ultra sleek modern home or you’re a huge fan of the minimalist interior trend, you could replace your current log burner with one of the whtie wood burners which have seen a rise in popularity over the many months.

Painted Fire Surround

Painted Fire Surround

This is sort of the last point I’ve just made about white fireplace surrounds. Painted fire surround allow you to get the look you want without spending endless amounts of money on adding a brand new fire surround that fits your needs.

Painted fire surrounds are sort of a ‘cheat’ way in getting the look you want without burning a huge hole in your pocket, whether you’re trying to compliment a cream wood burning stove, cream log burner or any other modern wood burners, painting the fire surround will be the easiest way of achieving the look you desire.

Utilise a Hearth Surround

Utilise a Hearth Surround

Hearth surround won’t necessarily transform the look of your fire surround all by itself, but it is at least another way of getting the fireplace idea you have been looking to achieve.

They’re many different fireplace hearth ideas I’ve come across, all unique and fitting to the intended style. Fireplace fenders, as they’re more commonly known, will be best matched with fire surrounds that feature a more out of the ordinary design; unlike typical minimalistic or modern.

To Summarise

They’re many different wood burning stoves available for your home, regardless of what furniture you feature, you’re going to be able to create a fire surround which will be perfect for your brand new wood burner stove.

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