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Black double door wood burner

This beautiful cast iron wood burner with double doors will give your living room an elegant and stylish look.It has simple operation controls and the designed door will give you the full effect of the flames and also keep your house warm.

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black eco wood-burning stove

This is designed to be the perfect fit for any rooms. It has a wide base and it will give your room a contemporary look.The glass door is easy to clean and has a powerful airwash system. It will give you excellent heating and efficiency.

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Red chilli penguin

This stove comes with an oven box, convection panel, a top plate and an integral log plinth.it has its personality, it is different and it has functions more than a little charm. it is an elegant piece and it has a stunning look.

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multifuel wood burning stove

This multifuel wood burning stove offers a large viewing glass which will give you a better view of the flames.It is higher efficiency and flexifuel system help the stove to burn solid fuels and wood.It will give you excellent heating and a cosy, stunning living room.

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built-in wood-burning fires

With built-in wood-burning fires, you can express your ideas to make it a unique piece.This will not only give you heating but also gives an exceptional look to your living room.

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black multi-fuel inset stove

It is a contemporary design and it is designed to fit in a standard fireplace opening.It has made out of cast iron, single door with a wooden handle.The widescreen gives you a perfect view of the flames and it gives you excellent heating and efficiency.

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cylindrical wood burning stove

The cylindrical wood burning stove will give an excellent look to your living room.It has a large curved door and secured with a locking system to ensure an airtight seal. This wood burner will be a masterpiece for any living room.

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eco design ready wood burning stove

This is a perfect piece to transform your home into something wonderful.It can be installed as freestanding or within a fireplace.It will give you warmth and a cosy feeling to your ling room and its stunning look will be an asset to your home.

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Freestanding Egg Style Stove

Freestanding egg style wood burner is a unique design, it brings an additional charm to your house. This stove has a beautiful golden oval rim at the front and it enhances the beauty of amazing dancing flames.It will give you excellent heating and efficiency.

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White Freestanding Stove Layout

This is a perfect piece to transform your home into something wonderful. It is an integrated part of your home. It has a beautiful marble base. With the three-sided glass frame, you can enjoy the flames to their fullest.

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Here at Stoves N Fitting UK we try to be a one stop shop and hassle free process for anyone wishing to venture into the world of Wood Burning Stoves or anyone with the need for Stove Fitters. We have a large range of woodburning stoves and multifuel stoves available for installation and we can provide a more customised selection if you were to give a member of our team your requirements. Multifuel stoves and woodburning stoves have there pros and cons but if you are in doubt of which to pick for your home then have a chat with one of our guys via telephone, email or our contact form (click here).

We only use registered HETAS stove fitters and CITB registered tradesmen to do all of our work and the quality and safety of all of our work is guaranteed. We have public liability insurances in place in the event that we ever need to rectify a problem caused by us. Our team can help you design your own fireplace or woodburning stove layout so that you get exactly what you want and to a high standard. If you want to give us your plans or details of the specific area where the work will take place then a member of our team will be able to more accurately design and price your project.

Have a look at our gallery and see if there is anything to your taste or something that closely matches if you are struggling to choose a stove, you can view the gallery by (Clicking Here)

Inglenook Fireplaces

A fireplace is a beautiful and cozy addition to any room, commercial or residential, at any time of year. Their magnificent designs provide a stunning centerpiece to a space or a spectacular divide between areas of both homes and businesses. There are plenty of designs to choose from; inglenooks, tabletops, and so many more.

Join us as we discuss the inglenook fireplace, its history, and its reintroduction into modern furnace designs.

The Inglenook Fireplace

Inglenook fireplaces are descendants of the open fireplace. Inglenook, also called chimney-corner, refers to the space adjoining into a fireplace. The term comes from the old Scottish word 'ingle', which means domestic fire and 'nook.' Prominent architects who incorporated the inglenook fireplace include Frank Lloyd Wright. Below is a photo example.

Inglenook fireplaces often had a seat or stand-in alcove on one side (or both) to enable the owners to get as close to the fire as possible.

When was the first inglenook fireplace built?

The inglenook fireplace came into being around the 12th century. Homeowners would light fires in corner wood fireplaces, causing smoke to flood the entire house. As time passed, they developed an enclosure. Those who cooked and tended the fire stood within the hearth's confines.

Soon after, they positioned benches on opposite sides of the room so that more family members could share the cozy atmosphere in the living room. The inglenook fireplace, also known by the name "chimney-corner," grew and reached its peak during the Middle Ages in large cities such as London, England.

It became a regular fixture in many homes, more commonly in the drawing-room. Inglenook fireplace openings often 2-3m measured in width and some 1-1.5m in height. They were installed in a wall within the home, with the hearth serving as a cooking area and the enclosing alcove with seats serving as a gathering place for warmth.

They built the inglenook fireplace from the same absorbent or permeable materials as the rest of the home. These absorbent materials include stone, timber, and lime plaster. With changes in building design, kitchens became separate rooms, while inglenook fireplaces served as cozy warming spots in the living area.

With the development of central heating, the inglenook fireplace declined in popularity and now is more for decoration.

The current fate of Inglenook Fireplaces

The inglenook fireplace is now more common in houses within the countryside, where people still use furnaces. You'll find it in a country living room or dining room. If you're looking for ideas for an inglenook fireplace design, I suggest going with heatilator wood-burning fireplaces.

Inglenook fireplaces are a beautiful thing of history and can really add to the look and feel of your home. Google search find is an excellent place to get more information and design ideas on inglenooks; there are various pins and photos to sift through.

There are plenty of ways to decorate your inglenook fireplace for your ideal home. There are a few websites where you can borrow some inspiration, such as Old house journal and remodelista home inspiration stories are great sources of inspiration. The use of horse brasses and ironwork is a popular trend in decorating an inglenook fireplace.

You can get more ideas from Interior Archive; these websites are a goldmine for designs and information.

What is the most popular fireplace?

Here is a comprehensive list of the most popular fireplaces, according to recent trends in interior design magazines and websites such as old house journals, ideal home, and Pinterest. Styles vary from more seamless linear models to ultra-modern and portable tabletop furnaces.

  • Linear Fireplace

The most common type of fireplace at the moment is the linear fireplace. It's more common with gas fireplaces and with the more traditional ones. The linear fireplace features a sleek and modern fireplace surround, with marble and tile finishing on either side of the hearth.

  • Corner wood fireplace

Other popular fireplaces include the corner wood fireplace. It is common in apartments with an open floor plan, allowing you to enjoy the warmth and the view from almost every location in the room. This is common for gas fireplaces since it is simple to build a gas fireplace in interior rooms with no fireplace.

  • Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are also increasing in popularity; they are energy efficient, providing heat not just to the living room but the entire house. It's an excellent fireplace idea for your living space; you can find many photos on Pinterest to choose from. Another advantage is its protection. They are without a doubt the most secure model for households with young children or pets.

You can also customize electric fireplaces. Also, they do not require regular maintenance. If you are a lover of the simple things of life, then the electric fireplace is the solution for you.

  • Brick Fireplace

Exposed brick lends a timeless, classic look to your fireplace and adjacent wall. Combine with wood millwork and a wood mantel for a modern, refreshed look; it's a relatively common feature in many homes. You can also decorate the mantle with portraits and other artistic pieces from Panda Country Primitives, Bucks County. What's more, you can modify your brick fireplace into a bread oven.

What paint to use near a wood-burning stove?

Wood burning stoves are usually shipped with a coat of heat-resistant paint added to the stove's surface as normal. Wood stoves can get worn or rusty with time due to use, and this is more noticeable on the surface of the stove due to general wear and tear and paint peeling off.

To withstand the high temperatures faced by the body of a stove, use high-temperature heat resistance paint products. You can add stove paint to a wood stove in spray or paint form, but spray-painting a stove is a faster and simpler choice.

For those with an inglenook fireplace, ensure you use a flame-retardant topcoat. While they are not heat resistant, they can easily tolerate temperatures of about 70-80°C. You rest easy knowing that you are not coating the surface with something combustible.


The inglenook fireplace is a descendant of the open fireplace. The word inglenook comes from a Scottish term for fire and nook. It became a favorite during the 12th century, all the way to the 18th century, during the industrial revolution. Families would use it for heating as well as cooking.

As time passed, the kitchen became a separate room, and the inglenook fireplace was used for heating only. With the development of central heating, it declined in use. Fortunately, it is making a steady comeback. It's now a favorite for country homes, especially in London.

Inglenook fireplaces are an excellent decoration for your living room and home. Not only do they keep you warm, but they add a stylish yet cozy feel to the aesthetic of your house. Whether it's traditional wood-burning one or inglenook fireplaces, we have it all. Contact us today and let us help you choose the inglenook fireplace of your dreams.

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