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Black double door wood burner

This beautiful cast iron wood burner with double doors will give your living room an elegant and stylish look.It has simple operation controls and the designed door will give you the full effect of the flames and also keep your house warm.

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black eco wood-burning stove

This is designed to be the perfect fit for any rooms. It has a wide base and it will give your room a contemporary look.The glass door is easy to clean and has a powerful airwash system. It will give you excellent heating and efficiency.

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Red chilli penguin

This stove comes with an oven box, convection panel, a top plate and an integral log plinth.it has its personality, it is different and it has functions more than a little charm. it is an elegant piece and it has a stunning look.

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multifuel wood burning stove

This multifuel wood burning stove offers a large viewing glass which will give you a better view of the flames.It is higher efficiency and flexifuel system help the stove to burn solid fuels and wood.It will give you excellent heating and a cosy, stunning living room.

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built-in wood-burning fires

With built-in wood-burning fires, you can express your ideas to make it a unique piece.This will not only give you heating but also gives an exceptional look to your living room.

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black multi-fuel inset stove

It is a contemporary design and it is designed to fit in a standard fireplace opening.It has made out of cast iron, single door with a wooden handle.The widescreen gives you a perfect view of the flames and it gives you excellent heating and efficiency.

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cylindrical wood burning stove

The cylindrical wood burning stove will give an excellent look to your living room.It has a large curved door and secured with a locking system to ensure an airtight seal. This wood burner will be a masterpiece for any living room.

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eco design ready wood burning stove

This is a perfect piece to transform your home into something wonderful.It can be installed as freestanding or within a fireplace.It will give you warmth and a cosy feeling to your ling room and its stunning look will be an asset to your home.

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Freestanding Egg Style Stove

Freestanding egg style wood burner is a unique design, it brings an additional charm to your house. This stove has a beautiful golden oval rim at the front and it enhances the beauty of amazing dancing flames.It will give you excellent heating and efficiency.

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White Freestanding Stove Layout

This is a perfect piece to transform your home into something wonderful. It is an integrated part of your home. It has a beautiful marble base. With the three-sided glass frame, you can enjoy the flames to their fullest.

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Stoves N Fitting UK

Wood Burning Stoves UK - Logburners UK - Multifuel Stoves UK

Here at Stoves N Fitting UK we try to be a one stop shop and hassle free process for anyone wishing to venture into the world of Wood Burning Stoves or anyone with the need for Stove Fitters. We have a large range of woodburning stoves and multifuel stoves available for installation and we can provide a more customised selection if you were to give a member of our team your requirements. Multifuel stoves and woodburning stoves have there pros and cons but if you are in doubt of which to pick for your home then have a chat with one of our guys via telephone, email or our contact form (click here).

We only use registered HETAS stove fitters and CITB registered tradesmen to do all of our work and the quality and safety of all of our work is guaranteed. We have public liability insurances in place in the event that we ever need to rectify a problem caused by us. Our team can help you design your own fireplace or woodburning stove layout so that you get exactly what you want and to a high standard. If you want to give us your plans or details of the specific area where the work will take place then a member of our team will be able to more accurately design and price your project.

Have a look at our gallery and see if there is anything to your taste or something that closely matches if you are struggling to choose a stove, you can view the gallery by (Clicking Here)

Wood burning stoves

Wood burning stoves, known as log burners in the UK, burn wood fuel or other wood-derived biomass fuel to generate heat. A solid metal (usually cast iron or steel) closed firebox, often lined with fire brick, and one or more air controls make up the majority of the appliance (which can be manually or automatically operated depending upon the stove).

When buying wood-burning stoves, ensure they are not only DEFRA approved but are ecodesign ready. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) is the government department responsible for environmental protection, food production and standards, agriculture, fisheries, and rural communities in the UK and Northern Ireland.

Ecodesign Ready

Ecodesign ready is a term used to refer to stoves that are compliant with the European programme to lower emission and energy consumption, and the new regulation will come into force in the UK in 2022.

When the chilly weather rolls in, nothing beats the appeal of a wood burning stove. Below is a guide to wood burning stoves.

Categories of wood burners

There are two main classifications of wood burners:

1. Catalytic log stoves

Catalytic stoves send their smoke and fumes through a ceramic “honeycomb” catalyst. As a result, the gasses and particles are burned away, resulting in fewer pollutants. A catalytic log burner is more efficient at generating heat because it burns for longer and loses less heat.

2. Non-catalytic log stoves

Non-catalytic stoves do not contain a catalyst, hence the name. However, they are ecodesign ready and incorporate various measures to ensure they reduce particulate emissions.

Is a wood burning stove worth it?

A wood burning stove is a fantastic addition to any home; I will tell you why:

Benefits of a wood burning stove

1. Efficient heating

As compared to the original open fireplaces, wood burning stoves produce a vast amount of heat from the same amount of wood. Even if you're sitting on the opposite side of the room, you can feel the heat radiating from its fire.

These stoves cut back on energy and heating bills; you'll save money by cutting down on high gas bills in the deep, dark winter months by zone-heating your home's main living area with a wood-burning stove.

2. Use less fuel

Along with adding plenty of heat to your room and home, wood stoves are excellent at conserving energy. The stoves provide an environment where the rate at which the fire burns can be regulated by using the air vents meaning the fire burns the wood much more slowly.

Consequently, we see a significant reduction in the amount of wood we use per fire.

3. Less maintenance

A wood stove is a controlled burn, which keeps the heat from escaping; this means you don't have to add as much firewood to the fire with wood burning stoves. This quality makes them easier to control.

4. Sustainability

Since they burn more effectively and use up to 1/3 less firewood than conventional versions, they are more environmentally friendly. This makes a wood-burning stove an excellent option for us looking to save money while maintaining an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Most wood burning stoves are ecodesign ready, a scheme aiming at lowering emissions by 90%.

5. Reliability

A wood stove is dependable because it does not require electricity, oil, or gas to operate. Even if other heating options are unavailable due to a power outage, a wood burning stove will keep your home warm.

They're made of a plain, durable design with few moving parts that can break. If they're used correctly, they'll last for decades with little maintenance.

What is the best wood burning stove on the market?

There are plenty of wood burner stoves in the market, but there are two you should include in your shopping cart. The first is the:

Englander 1,800 ft square wood stove

The brand is known for its impeccable affordability (VAT included) and efficiency. The EPA-certified specification of this steel wood stove includes a 6" top exhaust vent that removes impurities to the outside of your house.


During construction, you can choose between legs or a pedestal, and the stove has a lovely beveled door with an extra-large glass window, so you can watch it burn.

Its range reaches up to 1,800 square feet, making it the right size stove for a medium to large-sized home. The stove is also ecodesign ready and DEFRA compliant; it also comes with two types of warranties, a year's worth and a five-year one.

Drolet Blackcomb II

The Drolet Blackcomb II is a popular pedestal high-efficiency wood stove; it caters to homes within the 600-1800 sq ft range. It has a six-hour-long burn time, and you can even leave it on overnight. It's also DEFRA approved and ecodesign ready.

These stoves are affordable (VAT inclusive), capable of providing heat for extended periods, and are low emission. Their only downside is they are only suitable for homes and rooms less than 2000 square feet.

Are log burners being banned in the UK?

No, they aren't. However, the UK government plans to phase out the use of wet wood and coal products for heating. These efforts are aimed at tackling PM2.5, a pollutant capable of causing serious health problems.

The ban on the fuel products is in line with the Clean Air Strategy, ensuring only the cleanest stoves remain in the market by 2022. Fuels like wet wood and conventional house gas, which are being phased out, would have the greatest effect on current stove owners.

Many that already have the stoves are advised to make it more environmentally friendly by adding an electrostatic filter, which will reduce particle pollution, burn dry wood, and sweep chimneys regularly.

Are wood-burning stoves going to be banned?

Wood stoves are not going to be banned. Since the UK government announced the Clean Air Strategy 2019, the Department of Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has stated that this will not be included in their plans. Instead, the emphasis is on finding more environmentally friendly heating systems for homes.

Quick Recap

Wood burning stoves are a popular type of fireplace within the UK. It is available in two categories; catalytic and non-catalytic. These stoves are efficient and affordable, making them a common feature in many homes within the UK.

The wood stoves are energy efficient and help reduce costs. Many of the stoves have made adjustments in recent models to align with the Clean Air Strategy, which aims at reducing carbon and particulate emissions.

The fireplace comes with an eco design that promotes sustainability and energy conservation, allowing you to heat your room longer without adding more fuel. Visit our page today and let us help you choose the best stove, our prices are affordable and inclusive of VAT.

Whatever your price range, budget or style, you can find an affordable wood burning stove with us.

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